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Why We Organized

In January of 2015, Cambodian Pastor Pilot Nhap came to the United States in desperate need of funding for his children’s home in Phnom Penh. One month prior, the New Zealand organization that had been his primary funding source decided to focus on other projects, and his children’s home was no longer receiving funding. He was one month away from closing. One of his American benefactors brought him to Huerfano Community Bible Church so he could explain his situation and either obtain funding or find a job so he could send money back to Cambodia to support the 37 kids living at the children’s home at that time. Some of these children had been rescued from human trafficking, others had been abandoned or orphaned, some had been beaten and abused and were living on the streets.

In January 2020, members of Huerfano Community Bible Church visited the Children's Home in Phnom Penh.


In just about every culture around the globe, children are the key to the future. Indeed children may be our most precious resource. But from the time they are born, children are vulnerable to a myriad of dangers in every society - homes ravaged by drug and alcohol abuse, human trafficking, violence, natural disasters, and abandonment. The mission of Huerfano Project is to obtain funding to support non-profit children's homes/orphanages so the children they support can have a safe, secure and healthy upbringing and become productive members of society in the countries where they live.

Pilot Family.jpg

Pilot and his wife Siela with their 3 boys Visal, Pisey, and Judah

*Huerfano is the Spanish word for orphan

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