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Your support will provide a child with food, shelter, clothing, school expenses, and medical care. 

What does my sponsored child get?

Your sponsored child will enjoy the security of knowing that you care for him/her. You can communicate with your sponsored child by sending emails to their attention through the director of the children’s home.

What do I get as a Sponsor?


Once you choose a child to sponsor, you will receive a confirmation email with the name of the child, their birthdate and the email address you can use to communicate with them. As a sponsor you will have peace of mind knowing that you are making a difference in the life of a child in Cambodia. Your sponsored child will communicate with you as well as they can in English using email.


Where does my sponsorship money go?

As a child’s sponsor you are connected to the specific child you choose. Because of internet safety concerns for the children, you will only receive that child’s name after you commit to sponsoring him/her.

100% of your sponsorship payments go to the children’s home where that child lives. The Huerfano Project does not withhold any administration fees from your sponsorship payments. Sponsorship funding is transferred to the Cambodian Community Children’s Home monthly. The funding you provide covers your sponsored child’s equal portion of food, clothing, wellness and medical care, rent and utilities for the home, education fees, and transportation costs for schooling. In this way, the director of the children’s home assures that your sponsored child is cared for in the best way possible. Your sponsored child does not receive funds directly. However, if you wish to designate a special gift for your child, for instance a birthday or other gift, please contact The Huerfano Project directly about notifying the director of the children’s home that the special gift donation will be forthcoming.

How long is a sponsorship commitment?

Your sponsorship is an ongoing commitment that provides the necessities for your sponsored child as long as you are able or until they reach the age of 19.

Can children have multiple sponsors?

No, you are the child’s only sponsor.

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